Escort agency from Ekaterinburg (Russia, the Ural region) - offers charming, sexy girls for escort escorts, for the weekend, to any European city.

Escort agency from Russia - offers charming  and sexy girls for escort escorts for the weekend, to any European city. We organize short-term tours to Europe for girls from Russia (mostly girls arrive on weekends, 2-3 days)
We are located in Russia, in the city of Yekaterinburg (the Ural region).
Our prices are much cheaper than in similar agencies in Europe or in Moscow!
To choose a girl for you, you need to contact us by e-mail:, tell us your desires regarding the appearance of the girl, height, age, and so on, wait a little while we carefully select a candidate for you and then choose a companion for the weekend for photos and personal data that you receive on your Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail.
After you have made your choice and have decided on the date, we send you the passport data of the girl for the purchase of the round-trip ticket and the details for the transfer of the prepayment (20%).
Everything, on the appointed day, the girl flies to your city.